All Dressed Up With a Special Friend

It was after midnight and I was about to go to bed.  Nester was in the kitchen creating one of his specialty drinks he usually makes if he can’t sleep.  He makes them out of organic vegetation he finds in the forest and mixes it with some strange potion water he discovered in a cave near the top of the mountain.

He brought one over to me and said good night.  It was foaming and bubbling and smelt weird but I drank it down anyways.  I felt kind of dizzy and sleepy but I managed to stay awake a bit longer as I had to update my facebook page. 

Suddenly a message pops up on my screen. It said, Is this Lester Lostakski? If so I know you from college as we took the same courses in Winnipeg, Manitoba a long time ago? We also played in a band together called, The Wooden Door Knobs. This is Esther Yiesder!

I almost fell off my chair when I read that. Esther and I studied music and audio digital technology production many years ago. I haven’t heard from her in years. After college we were in a band together for awhile and toured mainly the Prairie Provinces and points east as far as Nova Scotia. Then we did a short stint down through the eastern sea board of the United States and back up to Canada. At that time we played mainly country with a mix of old time rock and roll music. We were together for a couple of years then the band broke up and everyone went their separate ways and I have not heard from any of them up until now!

I messaged her back and said, Yes, Guilty, it is me, but I go by the name of Mountain Dweller now. How did you find me, I asked. She said she found a picture of me on the web and cross referenced it to my face book page. There is only one guy in the world who looks like you Lester, or should I say MD, she said.

Well, we messaged back and forth a bit and it turned out that she was flying out to Vancouver for a job interview with regards to a management position with a high tech music recording company. She said she should have time to pop over to Vancouver Island for a few days to visit. Anyways we said good night and she would text me in a few days.

Well, 3 days later Esther did text me saying she was flying over and asked if I could pick her up at the airport. I said, sure and she provided me with her travel details.

On Esther’s arrival date Nester and I borrowed one of Fred Fezzo’s forestry trucks and headed to the airport. We waited patiently by the arrival gate really not knowing what to expect as I had not seen Esther for over 20 years!  A large plane landed and taxied to the drop off area. Then people began to disembark.

Esther Arriving in Nanaimo26Suddenly I heard a loud screeching voice that sounded like a wounded hyena being chased by a group of blood thirsty baboons, calling Lester! It was too late to hide as she spotted me. Nester took off and jumped in the back of the truck and hid under an old tarp. Esther ran up to me and gave me a solid hug and a wet sloppy kiss on the cheek. Then I grabbed her bag and carried it to the truck. We then drove back to my cabin.

happycouple with nester

Once back home I pulled Nester out from under the tarp by his tail and introduced him to Esther. I told Esther she could bunk in Nester’s room and he would graciously sleep on the front door mat. She unpacked her stuff and said she would like to freshen up a bit.

Nester gave me a dirty look and asked when she was leaving! I told Nester to try and be friendly and polite as she is our guest. He growled, slammed the door and went for a walk outside.

Over the next few days we talked, played music together, hiked on the mountain trails and got re acquainted.

Handholders feet

Even Nester finally joined in on the conversation, and especially enjoyed telling the story about my nightcap catching on fire and him burying me in sand!

Well it was finally time to take Esther back to the airport as she had another interview with regards to her executive music management job in Vancouver. Nester and I watched as the plane took off and faded into the cloudy skies. We picked up a few supplies and then headed home. Esther said she would keep in touch and let us know if she gets the job in Vancouver.

That evening Nester and I spent the night de fuming the cabin as it reeked with perfume, bath soaps, special oils, incense, and homemade potions. All the doors and windows were open and Nester was continually walking around spraying deodorizer in all the rooms, closets and on the furniture.

Finally fresh air replaced the strange smells and both Nester and I jumped into our own beds and prepared for a good nights sleep. Just before Nester fell asleep he yelled to me, Hey was your old band really called, The Wooden Door Knobs? I yelled back, Yep! Quite a Handle! Nester groaned and fell asleep.

The next morning we heard an email arrive on my computer. I clicked on it and it was from Esther. All it said was please open the attachment carefully while you are sitting down.  At this point I didn’t know what to expect. Nester covered his eyes and peeked at the screen through his paws.

Expecting EstherHoly Dripping Diapers! I yelled when the picture appeared. It was a picture of Esther obvious very pregnant. I almost fell off my chair, Nester burst out laughing and said, Congrats Dad. This can’t be true I thought, we had fun when Esther was over awhile ago, but not that much fun? Then there was deadly silence in the room and both me and Nester stared at the picture. Both our hearts were pounding fast and visions of a little Lester creating havoc in the cabin were beginning to fester.

Just then another email arrived from Esther.

esther joke 2 (2)It was a picture of her holding a soccer ball that was stuffed into her dress. Nester and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Esther sent another email with the caption, GOT THE JOB!  She went on to explain that she had been selected for the position of Executive Manager, to look after international relations and promotional music touring of the world. Basically she is responsible for finding unique, professional bands and musical entertainment and then negotiates their contracts and travel schedules on behalf of her company. I told her Congratulations from Nester and myself! She said she started her new job a few days ago and is still learning and reading operational and administration manuals of the company. Her boss is anxious for her to start booking entertainment for touring.

Another email just showed up on my screen from Esther. It said, I hope you are sitting down Lester as I have something that may interest you? Oh, oh, I thought to myself, not sure if my old body could stand anymore excitement? Then the email read, you and your band have been selected to be considered for an extended world tour starting in the summer of this year! All expenses paid and remuneration to be negotiated. WOW! I said, Yes, our band would love to be considered!

Esther went on to say that I would have to be in Vancouver tomorrow to meet and be interviewed by the president of the company, the directors and herself. I would need to bring the latest DVD and Video of the band. A resume of our bands history would be an asset. I told Esther I would call the band members tonight to let them know but was quite sure they would be in agreement with this international gig. I told Esther I would be on the first ferry in the morning to Vancouver.

She said No, the company will send a helicopter to pick me up at 10:00am tomorrow morning. Please put on a clean shirt!

I turned to Nester as I was shutting the computer down and said, where is my clean shirt? Nester hung his head and whispered, it is in the wood shed, I was using it as a hammock. Oh well, I will find something nice to wear in the morning. Then both Nester and myself jumped into bed and tried to get some sleep.

The next day I woke up early and got cleaned up the best I could. Nester was already up and had taken his shirt hammock down from the wood shed and was trying to wash out the stains and dog fur in the creek.

Just then we heard a roar up in the sky above our cabin. It was a huge helicopter and it was coming in for a landing in our backyard.

IMGL5134agOnce landed a fellow in a tuxedo came to the door and identified himself as Drake Dressweller, the chief costume and clothing manager for Esther’s company. He handed me a hanger full of clothes covered in a blue silk blanket and said, hurry, change into these we have to get going soon. I went into the bathroom and changed my clothes. About 5 minutes later I came out and said to Drake, how do I look?

MD-blue-Lester 2Drake said, Great! lets go. Just then Nester came inside carrying my clean shirt he had washed at the creek. He looked at me and fainted. Both Drake and I helped him off the ground, got him a glass of water and laid him on his bed. Nester muttered, I’m ok, just a little bluesy woosey, good luck with your interview Big Blue!

Then I grabbed our band’s resume, a couple of our DVD’s and Videos and we were gone. As the big chopper lifted off the ground I glanced out the window down to our little cabin that was getting smaller and smaller. I got a glimpse of Nester standing at the front door with both his paw thumbs pointed up gesturing Good Luck!

Well before I knew it we were about 5 thousand feet above the ocean heading to Vancouver. The helicopter was a bit noisy inside but very smooth. We all had to put on headphones to be able to communicate with each other and I could hear Air Traffic Control directing other aircraft in the vicinity. Most of them were heading for Vancouver International Airport, but we were flying direct to a roof top landing area on a big high rise tower.

Drake brought back a gourmet lunch and refreshments for me. He put a pillow behind my head and a blanket over my legs. Then he piped in some relaxing music through the headphones. He then joined the pilot up front in the chopper and closed a small sliding door. I thought to myself, this has got to be the most relaxing and exciting time of my life? I am all dressed up, flying in a private helicopter to an executive business meeting for a world wide musical tour and dining on exquisite food and beverages. I finished my meal and washed it down with a refreshing cool sparkly drink and thought I would glance out the window and enjoy the trip. I could see white caps on the ocean and small fishing boats slowing making their way across the strait.

Suddenly there was a tremendous BANG! and the chopper filled with smoke and fire! The engine made a strange high pitch squeal and I felt us falling from the sky. All the windows were smashed out and wind was fanning the fire. I couldn’t see the pilot or Drake due to smoke and fire but noticed the sliding door had been blown off.

rescuefire 32My stomach felt sick, and I was terrified knowing I was probably going to die upon impact with the ocean in a few minutes. I looked out the open window and could see the ocean coming up fast! Then out of no where I saw a flying bed hover next to the window and a young girl motioned to me to crawl out the window and into the bed. I had no other option. I squished through the shattered window into the bed and she somehow accelerated up and away from the falling chopper.

rescuefire 3Seconds later the chopper hit the ocean and sank out of sight. Everything was quiet as we zoomed back towards Vancouver Island.

Once things settled down the girl said her name was Hannah from Campbell River and she was out test driving her Magical Flying Bed when she noticed the fire on board the helicopter. I told her my name was Lester and I was on my way to Vancouver for a meeting but now I would just like to go home please.

I explained where I lived and minutes later she landed in my front yard. I was still in shock and shaking quite bad, but gave her a hug and said Thanks! Before I knew it she was gone up into the thick grey clouds and out of sight.

LestersHouse300 dropoffI tripped on our front stairs and staggered into the cabin. I sat down and put my head on my computer desk and tried to figure out what just happened?

Just then I felt a big slap on my back and Nester’s cheery voice saying Good Morning! How did you sleep after you had my special drink? Oh, I forgot to tell you I accidentally doubled the ingredients in yours and you may have had a weird dream?

I lifted my head and said What? Should I phone Esther and tell her I am not coming to the meeting, our helicopter blew up and caught on fire and a girl in a flying bed rescued me just before the chopper crashed into the ocean. Then Nester said, What meeting, who the heck is Esther, helicopter, flying bed?

Then I checked my computer’s email. There was nothing from any Esther. How about this blue suit I am wearing? But then I noticed I was wearing a white T shirt and shorts. Then Nester put his arm around me and said, Lester it was all just a DREAM!


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