Mystery Trumpet Player

It was 6:00am on a beautiful morning up here in the mountains. I glanced across the room and could see the sun just coming up over the Coast Mountains. Nester was still sleeping with all four paws pointing up into the air as if he was doing some kind of gymnastics. But he wasn’t. He was sawing logs. Or at least that is what it sounded like while he was snoring.

Suddenly I heard a loud trumpet blaring outside! It was playing a military tune that they used to wake up soldiers.


I sprung to my feet and stood at attention as if by habit as I had served a short stint in the army reserve quite a few years ago. Nestor flipped over and ran to the window and began to howl like a coyote! Then everything went quiet. We both peered out the door but saw nothing. Could we both have just been dreaming?

Anyways we had breakfast and while we ate Nester mentioned that he got very little sleep as he was up most of the night chasing mice around the cabin and tossing them back outside. I guess they were coming in through a small hole near the front door. I told Nester to take it easy today and I would do most of the chores.

I was planning on practicing a few tunes on my guitar as Bentley our Bass player was coming over to join me. So, I decided to go outside as it was clear and sunny now, and I would let Nester sleep.

Soon Bentley arrived and I poured him a cup of coffee and we both began working on one of my new instrumental songs. I told him about the mystery trumpet tune this morning and he just kind of giggled at me and smiled. He said he might have a little surprise for me later, but let’s get working on this tune.

md&bear playing

For the next while we plunked away and harmonized and it sounded quite nice. I think we were getting a little loud as towards the end of the song we heard Nester get up and Slam the door so he could get some peace and quiet in the cabin. We then slowed the song down and made it into a bit of a lullaby just to bug Nester. Then we cranked it up again and finished.

We took a short break and relaxed in the warm sunshine. Just then I noticed a squirrel walking towards us carrying a small suitcase. Bentley jumped up and said, Surprise! this is my cousin Sven, he stayed at my place last night and today he is heading out on tour with the rest of his band across Canada and down into the States. They have a five piece band called the “Rockin Rodents.”

I walked over and shook hands with Sven and he said he was sorry if he gave me a bit of a fright playing his trumpet so early in the morning but said Bentley put him up to it. I said, hey no problem and asked if he had time to play a couple more trumpet tunes before he had to get going.

squirrelSven opened his case and took out a beautiful shiny trumpet. Bentley and I watched and listened as he began to play.

After playing two little short songs he said he had to get going as the band bus was picking him up in about 10 minutes. We thanked him for the tunes, shook hands, wished him good luck on his tour and he was gone. Nice guy I said to Bentley. Bentley said he is a gifted musician able to play all sorts of brass and woodwind instruments.

Well we continued to practice until it started to cloud up a bit and a few sprinkles of rain started falling. Guess we might as well shut her down said Bentley as I got a few things I got to do back at home. See you at the next practice he said as he strolled back into the bush. I brought in the lawn chairs as it was now raining quite hard. Then I quietly went back into the cabin trying not to wake up Nester. I laid on my bed and listened to the beat of the rain on the roof.

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