The Vegetable Race


Well this morning I was awoken by the bright sun shining in my face. It was 6:00am and the temperature was already 10c. It looked like another beautiful spring day. I got out of bed, washed up and was going to make breakfast, but then got an idea.

I could hear Nester still snoring in his bedroom so figured he wouldn’t be up for awhile. Seeing it was such a great sunny morning I decided to put on my bathing suit, grab my fishing rod and head down to the creek to see if I can catch some fresh fish for breakfast.



If I didn’t catch anything, then at least I could have a refreshing swim in the pond. I quietly headed out the door and down across the path. As I passed our garden area I looked out onto a small grass field that Nester and I play ball on.



I noticed a Very strange sight! It looked like vegetables were all lined up in a row across the grass and ready to race?


Then the cabbage yelled, “Go!”
The carrots and parsnips
They ran so fast,
The others followed quickly
But the pumpkin was last

Around the yard and across the field
Came the cucumber, broccoli and tomatoes
Close behind sweating real hard
Were the onions, garlic and potatoes

The peppers, peas and beets
Seemed to roll as fast as they can
But coming up quick from behind
Were the lettuce, spinach and yam

The sprinting sprouts passed the beans and corn
And were now setting the pace
The carrots and parsnips looked worried
As they were nearing the end of the race

The end of the race was getting near
The veggies had sore feet
Rolling across the finish line first
Was a smiling big red beet

Then all the vegetables walked slowly back to the garden area and went out of sight. I rubbed my eyes, shook my head and went back into my cabin. I put away my fishing rod, got back into bed, closed my eyes and wondered what I had just seen? Was it a real Vegetable Race, or was it just a Dream?

Just then Nester knocked on my bedroom door and asked if I was ready for breakfast? He said he was cooking up some fresh vegetables he found on the porch that one of his friends dropped off last night.

I said, Thanks, but I think I will just have a coffee and toast this morning.

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