Wood Cutting Time


Was out for a walk with Nester this morning and noticed our wood shed was looking a little bare. It is almost spring, so that usually means time to stock up the wood pile for the upcoming year. I usually like to get my wood now and let it dry for at least 6 to 8 months.

So today is the day. I called up a couple of my band buddies as well as some forest friends and we decided to get my wood today. I sharpened and gassed up my saw, put on my safety gear and we were off. There was a wood lot licensed area not far from where I live and the owner gave me permission to help myself to the excess wood. My friend “Gord” the trusty 6 wheel drive ATV joined us and provided transportation for us and a means to haul the wood back to my shed. Gord wasn’t sure how much snow if any there would be at the wood lot area so he kept his plow on for the first load.

After the first load of wood he took off his snow plow for the season and detached his doors for the summer. The snow was all gone and it was actually pretty mild for mid march.

Well for the next couple of days we cut, hauled and split wood. I estimated we got about 4 cords which is probably more than I will need, but it is always nice to have extra in case of an exceptionally cold winter.

woodcutterMDOne of my forest helpers happened to be Wally, a woodchuck and he was exceptionally good at throwing the freshly split wood into the shed and stacking it.


The question was, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? I think we just answered the question after we estimated we had 4 chords of new wood and Wally stacked it all by himself!

Finally done, all stacked in my shed. The smell of freshly cut wood filled the air. I cleaned my saw and other equipment and stored it away.


That evening we had an outdoor campfire and barbecue down by the creek. We sang a few favourite songs and had a great get together with all my mountain and band friends.

I was a little stiff from all the work for the next few days but felt better knowing my wood shed was full. I had a call from the ministry of forests and they wanted me to do some security and consulting work for a new forestry fire access road they were constructing a couple of miles from my place. So that should keep me busy for awhile. I had a couple of new book and song ideas but I guess that may have to wait until later.

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