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Are you looking for stories with excitement, suspense, humour, fantasy and contentment?  Well, you have come to the right place for sure!  Good clean all round entertainment for the whole family.  There are tales of a Flying Bed, a Flying Horse and a talking blueberry named Bob.  Stopher the gopher, Pop Tart the dog and Crowley the crow are waiting to share their adventures.  You will be taken to the moon and a Royal Fantasy Castle.  When you are not breezing along with Winnie the Wind you may be riding on the back of a whale. How about a police dog recruit dropout turning into a Hero Hound? “Benson”

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Great family tunes are awaiting you here.  How about a trip to grandma’s house, taking a wild bath or rowing a boat down a beautiful lake in the spring.  Creeping into the house to sneak cookies, a cute little country girl, enjoying an active jumping workout or listening to an animal band playing a environmentally friendly song will surely keep you entertained. How about a fetus taking a peek at the world just prior to being born or an Afternoon Nap and of course a Soft Sleepy Bedtime Lullaby.

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Don’t feel like reading or just listening to the songs right now?  Well then, let Penny the penguin, Dweller the creature,  Marvin the mouth, Milly Moo the cow and Dexter the Peacock bring all these songs to life with their on stage performances.  Enjoy these multi-talented creatures now!

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