Kayley and Crowley

It was a cold stormy night in January, the wind was blowing strong and the rain was pelting against the window.  The temperature was falling and the rain was turning to wet snow.  It continued to tap against the window.  Strong gusts of wind shook the house and the tapping of wet snow kept Kayley awake in her bedroom.  She rolled over and snuggled in warm and tight but still the sound of the wet snow against her window kept her awake. Finally the wind calmed down but the wet snow continued to fall. Kayley finally drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly there was a tap-tap-tap on the window and it woke up Kayley.  She sat up and looked out the window.  The curtains were open but it was dark outside so she couldn’t see anything.  She snuggled down and went back to sleep.  Then there was another tapping sound on the window and it woke her up again.  She turned a small lamp on and again looked through the window outside and saw nothing.  She got out of bed and opened the window.  It was still windy but not snowing.  She thought to herself, I wonder what that tapping noise was?  She climbed back into bed and went back to sleep.

About half an hour later again there was a tap-tap-tap on the window.  Again it woke up Kayley.  She got out of bed, turned on the light and went to the window again, opened it and looked out.  She saw nothing but darkness except she found a black feather stuck to the outside of the window. She was just about to close the window when suddenly a black wet feathery thing came crashing into her room, bounced off her dresser and landed on the floor.  Kayley was scared for a moment but then realized that the object was actually a black bird, a crow.

The bird laid motionless on the floor and kind of whimpered and moaned.  Kayley got a towel and wrapped up the bird and gently put it in a small box beside her bed.  It looked like it may have broken its wing.  It was shivering and twitching as it laid in the box.  Kayley placed another warm towel around the crow and gently straightened the broken wing and then the crow fell asleep. Kayley was tired and snuggled back into bed and fell asleep.

Early the next morning Kayley woke up and the first thing she did was check on the crow.  It was still sleeping.  Kayley went down to the kitchen and got some milk and cereal and brought it back to her room. She was just about to take a mouthful of breakfast when all of a sudden a voice said, “Hey, where the heck am I?”

Kayley was astonished and amazed that the bird could talk. Kayley said, “It’s ok, you are safe here.  You are in my bedroom.  You flew into my room last night in the wind storm so I made you a bed to sleep in for the night.” “Oh, Thank you very much,” said the crow.  “I was flying over Campbell River and got caught in a wind and snow storm and lost my way.  A gust of wind blew me up against hydro wires and into the side of your house.  I think I may have broken my wing.” The crow explained, “I saw your light on in your room and tried tapping on the window to see if you could help me?  The wind kept blowing me off the window sill and down onto the ground, finally when you opened the window a big gust of wind blew me into your room.” “Thank you for making me a bed and keeping me warm.7

I see you tended to my broken wing as well, it should heal in a few days hopefully.  By the way, my name is Crowley, what is your name?” Kayley said, “ Well, my name is Kayley.  You must be hungry and thirsty.  Wait here and I will go find you some breakfast.” said Kayley.

Within minutes Kayley came back to her room with some nice warm milk, crackers, bread crumbs and sardines. Crowley gobbled everything down in a hurry.  Kayley said, “You will have to be real quiet in my room.  I am not sure if my Mom and Dad will let me keep a real bird in my room or not, especially a talking bird.” “No problem Kayley, I will be quiet,” said Crowley.  Kayley then wrapped Crowley’s broken wing with a bandage and cotton and made it snug so it would heal properly. “Thanks for the good breakfast Kayley.

I think I will try and have a nap as I am still not feeling well,” said Crowley. “Ok, I will put your box bed under my bed out of the way so no one will see it.” said Kayley.  She helped Crowley into the small box bed, gave Crowley a little hug and said, “Get better soon and have a big sleep.”  Then she pushed it under her bed.

Over the next few weeks Kayley looked after Crowley.  She changed Crowley bandages, and fed her daily.  Kayley even snuck Crowley into the bathroom and gave her a bubble bath in the sink.  Crowley really liked getting covered with white bubbles.  She said it made her look like a swan. Kayley and Crowley had long talks about things.  Crowley told stories about being a crow and living in trees and flying around freely.  Kayley talked about what it was like growing up in Campbell River.

A month later Crowley was all healed, feeling better and was practicing flying around in Kayley’s bedroom.   Kayley and Crowley became best friends, reading stories together, having picnics outside, and playing with all her other toys. image001 Once when Kayley was sneaking Crowley downstairs, her Mom saw her with a bulge under her shirt and said, “Kayley, do you have something under your shirt?  Your stomach looks extra  big.” “No mom, I just had an extra Big Breakfast,” said Kayley.

Soon Crowley began to grow and gain weight.  Kayley could no longer hide her under her shirt, so Kayley came up with the idea to put Crowley in her backpack to sneak her around the house.

image003 Crowley liked riding there.  Quite often Kayley would come downstairs to watch cartoons on the TV and have Crowley inside the backpack beside her and Crowley would peek out of the pack and watch TV too.  Kayley’s mom mentioned a few times that at least Kayley is getting a lot of use out of her backpack. image005

Kayley told Crowley on many occasions that having her around is like having another sister.

One spring day Kayley and Crowley were playing in the back yard together, when all of a sudden a large flock of crows flew over the house and landed right next to Kayley’s playhouse.  Crowley flew over and talked to a few big crows.  Then Crowley flew back and talked to Kayley. Crowley had a tear in her eye and said that she has to go away now and live with her crow family far away as her Mom and Dad had been looking for her over the past month.  Crowley then gave Kayley a little peck on the cheek, rubbed up against Kayley, and said, “Thanks for Everything,” then suddenly flew away with the other crows.

Kayley too, had a tear in her eye as she watched the large flock of crows fly high up to the clouds and head south.  Kayley quietly whispered, “Good Bye my friend, I will miss you.” Then Kayley went into the house up to her room, laid quietly on her bed and stared at Crowley’s empty bed.  There was one small black feather in the bottom of the bed which Kayley picked up and held it gently in her hand.  Kayley was very sad, pulled the covers over her head and had a little cry.

Things around the Kayley household got back to normal.  No more backpacking Crowley around and playing with her.  Kayley could now play and have fun with her real sister Hannah. Years passed and Kayley grew up and now attends the Middle School in Campbell River.  Crowley is just an old faint memory and at times Kayley can’t really believe what happened way back then on that windy stormy night in January.  A talking crow?  Maybe it was all just a dream Kayley thought.

One summer evening Kayley’s mom was in the kitchen making a peanut butter cheese cake.  But upon mixing the ingredients she discovered she did not have enough cream cheese.  She asked Kayley if she would go to the store and get some. It was still light out and Kayley had walked to the store before to get the odd thing for her mom.  “Sure, I will Mom,” said Kayley.  She put on a light sweater, put her cell phone in her pocket and headed out to the store.

It was a little later than her mom and Kayley realized.  The sun was going down fast and it was getting dark. The streets were quiet with not much traffic and there was no one else walking around.  Kayley went into the grocery store and bought the cream cheese.  The store inside was bright and cheery with lots of friendly people around, but when Kayley left to walk home, the sidewalk was dark and there was no one around. Kayley felt a little nervous as she walked slowly towards her house.

Finally the moon broke through the darkened sky and shed a little light on the sidewalk.  Kayley was just about home.  As she walked by a vacant bushy lot she heard a loud growl!  Suddenly a large vicious dog appeared in front of her.  Kayley froze with terror.  The dog continued to growl and come closer to her. image007 Kayley knew not to run as the dog would surely chase and catch her.  She slowly backed up but was against a large tree and rock with nowhere else to go.  She reached into her pocket to get her cell phone, but her hand was shaking so much she dropped the phone and it rolled towards the dog.

The dog slowly moved towards Kayley.  Just then the moon light on the sidewalk darkened, Kayley looked up and saw a large black cloud covering the moon.  She was terrified.  All of a sudden this cloud moved quickly down towards her.  She took a quick look at the cloud and then the dog. image009

The dog had its big sharp claws extended towards Kayley. Then suddenly a huge black crow swooped down from the sky and attacked the dog.  It was “Crowley.”

Within seconds many more crows arrived and began pecking and biting the dog.  They surrounded the dog and chased him away from Kayley and far back into the bush. Kayley was not hurt but very shaken.

Once the dog was gone all the crows landed around Kayley and rested.  Crowley flew up and landed on Kayley’s shoulder and rubbed up against her and gave her a gentle peck on the cheek.  Crowley never spoke a word. Kayley gave Crowley a long loving hug.  The crows followed Kayley safely back to her house.  Once Kayley was inside, Crowley and the whole flock circled Kayley’s house once, flew by her bedroom window and then away high up into the night sky.

Kayley gave the cream cheese to her mom and ran up to her room and laid on her bed.  She closed her eyes and whispered, “Thank you Crowley.” She could hear her Dad say, ”Gee!  Those darn crows were back again.  I wonder what they were up to this time?”


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