Just Grandma and Me

Penny sings a song about a child going to visit their Grandma.  They have fun all day but at night when it is time to go home the mood changes.


Good Old Cookie Jar

Dexter performs this fan favourite song as he dreams about sneaking into the kitchen and testing a few good cookies from the Cookie Jar.


Our Little White Boat

Penny plays guitar and sings about two adventurous girls rowing their little white boat down a beautiful lake in the spring.


Afternoon Nap

Marvin rips off a  little tune about the dreaded Afternoon Nap.  How can you sleep in the middle of the day if you are not tired?


Time For a Bath

Marvin sings again, this time about the adventures, trials and tribulations of bath night.


Jumping is my Game

Millie Moo’s deep baritone voice describes what it is like when a young child partakes in a wild jumping workout.


Mountain Melodies

Dweller, part of the Mountain Dweller Band performs their hit song about keeping our planet green and environmentally friendly.


Taking a Little Peek

Marvin belts out a tune about Mr or Ms Fetus. Will they come out or not after taking a little peek at the real world that awaits them?


Happy Dreams and Smiles

Marvin slows things down quite a bit here and sings a quiet sleepy lullaby song.  Try and stay awake until the end of the song! Zzzzzzzz


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