Piles & Piles of Rainbow Smiles

It was another hot August evening in Campbell River, BC, Canada.  Although the weather had been sunny and hot, young Hannah had somehow picked up a slight head cold and was having a difficult time getting to sleep in her bunk bed.  At first she would lie in the bottom bunk and then try the top one.  Nothing seemed to work to get her to sleep.  It was now 11:00 pm and everyone else in the house was sleeping soundly.  She sneezed and coughed a bit then blew her nose.

Just then her sister Kayley came into her room and asked if she was ok?  “You woke me up with your sneezing and coughing,” said Kayley.

“Sorry, I just can’t get to sleep as my head seems all stuffed up,” said Hannah.  Then Kayley jumped onto the bed and sat beside Hannah.  Kayley said, “Remember, even though you are not feeling well, there are lots of other kids that are way sicker than you.  Some have to be in the hospital, sometimes for a long time.  So no matter how bad you feel, there are kids who feel a whole lot worse.”

“Yes, you are right.  Too bad we couldn’t somehow help or bring happiness to the other sick kids, even just for a little while,” said Hannah as she put her arm gently around Kayley.  Both girls got very quiet and gazed out the window at the bright star filled sky.

Then Kayley said, “Remember a long time ago, when you made your bed fly and we flew way up into the sky and visited Bubble Land, Toy Land and Candy Land?”

“Yah, I remember.  That was a fun exciting adventure for sure,” said Hannah quietly.

“Hey!  I have an idea Hannah.  Why don’t you make your bunk bed fly again?  But this time we can fly to the Children’s Hospital, pick up some kids and take them to Toy Land for a few hours.  That would put a smile on their faces!” exclaimed Kayley.

“Wow, that would be a special treat for them and now that I have a bunk bed, we will have room for lots of kids to come with us.  Great idea Kayley, we probably won’t have time to visit all three magical lands, but let’s just try to go to Toy Land,” said Hannah, as she coughed slightly and sneezed.

“Ok, go check and make sure mom is sleeping, then pack a few snacks and meet me back in my bedroom in a few minutes,” said Hannah.

Kayley jumped off the bed and hurried out of the room to get the necessary supplies for the trip.  She snuck down the hall, put her ear to her mom’s bedroom door and could hear her snoring in a deep sleep.  She then ran back into Hannah’s room climbed up onto the top bunk and both girls prepared for takeoff.

taking off from homeThey raised their feet, leaned back and clenched their fists tightly.  The bed shuttered and rocked slightly, then lifted off the floor and slowly drifted through the wall and outside into the warm evening air.

“Give ‘er!” yelled Kayley, as Hannah took over the controls and the bed accelerated quickly up into the night time sky.  It was soon out of sight, in amongst the stars.  “We should be at the Children’s Hospital in about 10 minutes, and once there, we will decide how best to sneak the kids onboard for the trip to Toy Land” said Hannah.

Soon they could see the bright city lights and Hannah prepared her descent to the hospital grounds and surrounding area.  There was a bit of a wind coming in off the ocean, making the bed bounce around a bit and the sheets fluttered wildly.  But after a few adjustments, Hannah managed to get on a glide slope bearing, which took her directly to the hospital.

It was now 1:00 am and most of the lights were out in the rooms.  Hannah spotted an area near the emergency entrance which was lit up with small lights.  She felt this might be a good spot to land.

Within minutes she touched down softly and quietly onto the ground.  “I will wait here in the bed Kayley, while you go in and ask any kids that might still be awake if they want to go to Toy Land with us,” said Hannah.

“You got ‘er, on my way,” said Kayley with a big grin.

Kayley rolled out of the bed and hurried off into the hospital.  It was a huge building all lit up brightly inside.  There were a few nurses and doctors walking around but everyone seemed too busy to even really notice Kayley walking down the hall way.

Then Kayley began to peek into the numerous bedrooms where all the kids slept.  Most of the kids were sleeping but a few couldn’t sleep and those were the ones that Kayley talked to.

Mean while, outside, Hannah was programming her on bed computer with the coordinates to Toy Land.  About 10 minutes later Kayley appeared, walking out of the hospital with about 20 kids following her.  They ranged from about 3 years to 12 years old.  They were all wearing white hospital gowns.  Some were on crutches, some had bandaged limbs and others were hobbling to the bed on their own.

They all had big smiles on their faces as Kayley helped and secured them in the bed.  Everyone whispered quietly as Kayley signalled to Hannah that everyone was on board and they were ready to take off.  Within seconds Hannah leaned back, raised her legs and clenched her fists.  The bed arose sharply skyward and sped off at a high rate of speed towards the twinkling stars above.

All the kids screamed with excitement and then laughter erupted when Kayley said, “Its going to get windy so hang on to your gowns.  We don’t want you flying in your birthday suits!  Next stop!  Toy Land!”

Once Hannah reached cruising altitude, she levelled off her bed and made the final course adjustments to Toy Land.  It wasn’t that windy anymore and all the kids were now sitting very quiet.  Their eyes and mouths were wide open and it seemed they were in a state of disbelief, as to where they were going and what was actually happening.

Kayley tried to reassure them that they were in safe hands as Hannah had flown many miles without a serious incident.  After about 40 minutes of flying in amongst various stars and planets, Hannah told Kayley to ensure all the kids were secure and to prepare for landing at Toy Land.

Hannah throttled back and began her descent into Toy Land.  It became very quiet with just the sound of air rushing past the bed and the occasional flap of the bed sheets.  Suddenly everything went black and visibility was zero, Hannah glanced down to her instruments and maintained a gradual steady approach on her glide path.

All the kids looked a little frightened and not a word was said.  Finally they came out of the darkness and directly in front of them was a Gigantic Rainbow that seemed to stretch for miles.  Hannah now could see the runway for Toy Land and it was just on the other side of the rainbow.

coming into toyland copy“Hold on!” said Hannah as she banked right, then left and passed right through the rainbow.  As she went through the rainbow, her body vibrated gently for a few seconds and a warm happy feeling and smile came on her face.  She made a perfect soft landing on the runway directly in front of the entrance to Toy Land.

Upon touching down, all the kids cheered and clapped their hands in appreciation for Hannah’s great flying.  Within seconds of coming to a full stop, a large penguin who was the manager of Toy Land approached the bed.

“Oh Hi!  Welcome back.  It’s Hannah and Kayley isn’t it?  Remember me?  I’m Penny, the manager of Toy Land, haven’t seen you two for a long time.”

“Oh, right, hi Penny, it has been awhile for sure,” said Hannah and Kayley.

“Woooh, who are all these friends with you?” asked Penny.

“Oh, these are some kids from the Children’s Hospital we brought along.  We would like them to have a Special fun time at Toy Land,” said Hannah.

“Great idea Hannah, it will make them feel better too,” said Penny.  “Oh, by the way, there is something new since the last time you were here.  See that huge colourful arch out there in space, the one you flew through?  It looks like a rainbow, but of course you know there are no rain or water droplets out here in space, so it is called a Mystical Magneticbow.”

She continued, “It is made up of colourful metallic dust particles from space, that are held together magnetically to form a huge archway.  Some of them are many miles long and could be up to a mile high.  We all still call it a rainbow.  When people pass through it, most illnesses, sickness, injuries and bad feelings disappear and are replaced with good health, contentment, happiness and smiles.  Sometimes it lasts for a few days, sometimes forever.  It affects and reacts on different people in various ways.”

“How do you feel after you went through the rainbow Hannah?” asked Penny.

“Hey, my head is clear and my cold is gone.  I feel great!” said Hannah.

“Good, the rainbow did its job then.  Please pull your bed up and park it with the rest of the beds at gate number 26.  I guess you remember how to get to the Toy Land grounds?  Have fun, enjoy your stay.  Oh, by the way, don’t forget to check out our new Food Fair as it now features all healthy organic food, treats and drinks,” said Penny.

All the kids cheered again and shook Penny’s hand as they walked and ran by her on their way to the play area.

Kayley turned to Hannah and said, “Hannah, look!  The kids aren’t using their crutches anymore and the ones that hobbled onto the bed are now running and the others with bandages are using their arms and legs without pain or restriction.  That Special Rainbow must have helped and cured them too!”

Kayley and Hannah then walked down to the play area to make sure all the kids were having fun and obeying all the Toy Land Rules.

As Hannah and Kayley walked through the gateway and into Toy Land, they were amazed at all the new changes and updates that had been done since the last time they visited.  It looked like a small city, full of excited smiling kids.

There were all sorts of ride on toys, remote control vehicles, robots, space creatures, and every imaginable type of computer game you could think of.  There were many large screens on the wall, all playing different cartoons, kid’s movies, and instructional videos.  Around the outside of the city was a sky train that took the kids to various parts of Toy Land.

One section contained a small petting zoo, while another part was transformed into a mountainous area and offered pony and horse rides along the trails.  Farther down there was a huge sandy beach with nice warm water in which the kids could swim, ride floatable toys, water ski, jet-ski or use a paddle board.  There were many adult supervisors and lifeguards throughout the city to ensure that everyone was safe and enjoying their visit.

In the playground area there were all different types of swings, bars, climbing walls, and every other type of fun apparatus to play on from all parts of the world.  There was even Hot Air Balloon rides, zip lines, and magical floating bubble flights throughout the city.

In one section there were many bands playing kid’s songs and children dancing in the streets.  One band was made of talented animals; a deer on the guitar, a moose on the mandolin, a cougar playing a fiddle and a bear playing bass guitar.

At the far end of the city there were electric trains, cars and flying space ships being operated by all sorts of youngsters.  Clowns, entertainers, jugglers and magicians roamed throughout the city, stopping once in awhile to entertain small groups of kids.  The food fair was packed with hungry, fun loving kids.  Each had a big smile and giggled as they consumed the healthy snacks and drinks.  There was happy music, smiles and laughter everywhere in the Toy Land City.  All the kids played for hours.

After awhile Hannah checked her watch and said, “Yikes!  It’s 5:00 am.  We have to get the kids back to the hospital before someone discovers that they are missing.”

Kayley and Hannah quickly located all the kids and escorted them back outside the city and up toward the flying bed.  Once at the bed Kayley secured them all in and Hannah checked her charts and programmed her computer to the shortest way back to the hospital.

Just then Penny appeared and said, “I hope you and the kids had a fun exciting time at Toy Land?”  All the kids cheered and clapped loudly and said, “YES, THANK YOU!  We loved it here.”  Penny handed each child a Special Toy Land Badge with a picture of Toy Land and the Special Rainbow on it.

Then Kayley and Hannah shook Penny’s hand and said, “Well, thanks again for everything, we better get going.”

Hannah leaned back, raised her legs, clenched her fists real tight and the bed took off quickly up into the bright starry space.  She banked left and accelerated even more to avoid a little cosmic turbulence then again headed directly to the Huge Special Rainbow, as that was the only way in and out of Toy Land.

“Hold on Kids,” Hannah yelled as they entered the rainbow and a few seconds later came out the other side.  It then got very dark again and a strange mist was forming in front of them.  After about 30 more minutes of instrument flying Hannah began her descent and things became a little brighter.

She leaned down from the top bunk and checked on all the kids on the bottom.  They were still all smiling and happy.  Some were polishing up their special badge they got from Penny.

Just then Hannah popped through the clouds and could see the earth below.  It was clear and in the distance she could see the city lights where the children’s hospital was located.  She did some fast re calculation on her gps and confirmed she was on the right track to the hospital with an ETA of about 10 minutes.  Suddenly she heard a loud scream from the bunk below and all the kids were pointing out to the sky at the rear of the bed.  Hannah throttled back a bit and took a look.

Oh no, she said to herself, my bed accidentally snagged part of the Special Rainbow from Toy Land and has been dragging it behind us ever since we left there.  The magnetic power of the rainbow is somehow attached to some metal plates and screws on the underside of my bed.  It looks like the rainbow is about 1/2 mile long and waving in the wind up and down and sideways.

Kayley then yelled up to Hannah, “What are we going to do about the attached rainbow Hannah?”  “I have an idea Kayley.  You and the kids hold on tight,” yelled Hannah.

Now only a few minutes from the hospital Hannah accelerated quickly, making the rainbow straighten out.  Then she banked the bed sharply left and flew around the hospital, very close to the outside walls and windows.  On her third turn around the hospital, part of the magnetic rainbow attached to a metal fire door on the second floor.

Hannah kept flying around the building as the rainbow slowly pulled away from the bed and wrapped itself around the entire hospital.  Hannah then made a quick U turn and landed softly on the same area, where all the kids got onto the bed just hours before.

All the kids jumped out of the bed, gave Kayley and Hannah a Big Hug, said Thanks for an Adventure of a Life Time, and then scurried back into the hospital and into their rooms.

Kayley climbed up to the top bunk with Hannah now, and they both raised their legs, leaned back, clenched their fists and the bed took off rapidly up into the bright sunny skies.  Hannah banked the bed slightly towards the hospital and could see all the kids in their rooms waving good bye to them, still with big smiles on their faces.  Some were holding up their special Toy Land Badges.

Hannah set a course back to Campbell River, punched it into the computer, sat back and finally relaxed a bit.  After about 10 minutes Hannah eased up on the power, put on full flap and turned onto her final approach to her bedroom.  There was no wind, clear conditions and that made flying very easy.

Minutes later she touched down quietly inside her bedroom.  “Wow, what a trip.  I think we made a lot of kids happy last night!” said Kayley.

“I think so,” said a tired Hannah.  Kayley slid down off the top bunk and was about to go into her room when she saw something at the back of Hannah’s bed.

“Hey Hannah, here is a small piece of that Special Rainbow, I guess it stuck onto the bed while the other larger piece broke off and wrapped itself around the Children’s Hospital.  What should we do with it?”

Hannah then jumped down off the bed to take a look.  “I have an idea.  You know how mom is not exactly a morning person, you know a little quiet, sometimes grumpy.  Well let’s set it up across her doorway so when she comes out of her room she will walk through it and if it still has its magical powers, mom will be in a good mood, healthy, smiling and happy,” said Hannah.

“Good idea Hannah, let’s quietly hang it up now,” said Kayley.  Then both girls got some metal thumb tacks and stretched the small part of the rainbow across their mom’s door way.

Kayley said, “Good, it is up, can’t wait to see if it works on mom or not.  Oh, by the way, great flying as always Hannah, Good Night.”  Kayley jumped into her bed and fell fast asleep.  Hannah climbed back into her bed and is asleep in minutes.

At about 9:00 am, Kayley and Hannah’s mom woke up.  She opens her door and notices the rainbow shining across her doorway.  She thinks to herself that is so pretty, the sun must be shining through the window just at the correct angle.  Their mom walks right through the rainbow and down the hall.

Suddenly she starts singing, “Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day.  I can’t wait for Kayley and Hannah, to come outside with me to play!”  Then their mom does a cart wheel down the hallway and dances into the kitchen still singing.

Laura doing Cartwheels down the hallway


She turns on the radio and starts to whistle as she is making breakfast.

Soon the news comes on the radio. “Breaking News, a mysterious rainbow like banner was seen wrapped around a Children’s Hospital early this morning.  When fire crews and other emergency officials arrived, they determined it was no threat to the hospital or occupants other than blocking some fire exit doors.  When crews moved in to remove the rainbow, it began to absorb itself into the building and disappear.  The weird thing was, how did it get there and where did it come from?  The mysterious affect of the rainbow was being felt in and around the hospital by staff and patients.  Everyone seemed to be smiling and in a healthier happy mood!  They seemed to be displaying more positive thoughts and friendlier fellowship to each other.  Very Strange!  And now back to our regular morning music programming.”

Just then Kayley and Hannah walked into the kitchen.  Kayley asked, “Hey what is with all the singing and whistling out here, you woke us up.”

“Oh, I am just in a happy, happy mood, my little darling cheese cakes, Kayley and Hannah,” said their mom.

Kayley and Hannah looked at each other and whispered, “The rainbow worked.”

What can I make you little angels for breakfast?  You can have anything you want, and then we will go and play outside,” said their smiling cheerful mom.

Then their mom said, “I heard on the news that some huge rainbow banner thing got wrapped around a Children’s Hospital this morning.  It seemed to have magical powers to make everyone at the hospital, including the patients there healthier, happy and thinking more positive?  No one knows how it got there?”

Then Kayley said, “Hannah towed it there with her bed.”

“What did you say?  Hannah towed it there with her bed?” exclaimed their mom.

Oh no, I said, “Hannah’s cold is gone from her head.”  The two girls giggled a bit as they sipped their orange juice and waited for breakfast.


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