Lyrics for Children’s Songs

Here are the lyrics  to all of the great children’s songs performed by Mountain Dweller and friends.  Please contact MD direct for your personalized copy of the chord names and sequence for any specific song.


Grandma’s house is a fun place to be
Especially when it’s just, Grandma and me
We laugh and play throughout the day
But at night “Goodbye” is hard to say

Boy oh Boy, I have to say
I’m off to Grandma’s house today
We’ll play all day and have lots of fun
I’m not coming home till the day is done

My bag is packed and I’m at the door
I’m so excited I can’t wait no more
My mom and I get into the car
Away we go, it’s not very far

At Grandmas I wave goodbye to my Mom
Then I see Grandma and I begin to run
Grandma comes running, together we meet
She hugs me with love, lifting me off my feet

We’ll bake some cookies and muffins too
There are always plenty of fun things to do
She will push me high upon my swing
Read me stories and together we’ll sing

Now it’s getting late and time to go
My mom says Yes, but I say No!
Grandma gives me a special hug and kiss
And says goodnight, it’s me she will miss

We drive away and I wave goodbye
My heart is sad, there’s a tear in my eye
I will dream tonight of how things will be
Next time together, Just Grandma and Me

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


I can’t sleep and I’m not tired
It’s the middle of the day
Please get me out of here
So I can go and play

I’m carried to my room
And Mom puts me in bed
I got a clean diaper
And I’ve just been fed

Mom says I need a rest
Bed is where I should be
But I’m not tired
She should’ve checked with me

I’m stuck here in bed
No toys or things to do
Looking at the ceiling
And feeling lonely too

I hear dogs barking
Kids playing in the park
And Mom wants me to sleep
When it’s not even dark

Maybe I should cry
Or make a little noise
Then Mom will come quick
And bring me some toys

Forget about that idea
I can’t cry or scream no more
I thought she would come running?
But instead she closed the door!

Ok, maybe I might be tired
In the middle of the day
I will try and have a little nap
Are you glad you got your way?

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


Scrub, scrub, scrub, wash my hair
Clean my body everywhere
Now is your chance to get me clean
So I’m the cutest kid that you’ve ever seen

I hear the water running from down the hall
Filling up my tub then I hear my mom call
“It’s time for a bath, come on lets go!
We got to get you clean
From your head to your toe”

Wash my face but be careful please
Water up my nose will make me sneeze
Suds from the soap in my eye
Will burn real bad and make me cry

I’m splashing in the water playing with my toys
Flipping, flopping making lots of noise
Water on the ceiling, water on the wall
Water on the door and half way down the hall

I’m nice and clean and it’s time to get dry
I turn to my toys and I say “Good Bye”
See you next time when I’m ready to scrub
We’ll have more fun, in my bath tub

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


It’s time to go to sleep
And it’s time to go to bed
Songs have been sung
Stories have been read
Lay your head down softly
Snuggle warm and tight
Have a peaceful sleep
All through the night

White fluffy clouds float across the sky
Looking for a place to sleep
Some where up high
A sleepy willow tree
With branches hanging down
Sways in the wind not making a sound

A puppy and a kitty on the porch they sat
They curled up together for a long cozy nap
The warm evening sun
And the soft summer breeze
Rock the birds to sleep high up in the trees

The sun is setting now
And it’s getting quite dark
There are no dogs barking or kids in the park
The moon is in the sky
And the stars are shining bright
Happy dreams and smiles
Will be with you all night

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


Jump, jump, jump
Bouncing up and down
Twisting and turning
And going round and round

I’m a Jolly Jumper
Jumping is my game
I like an active workout
There’s nothing quite the same

I love to jump all day
I love to jump all night
I love to jump just for you
Until the morning light

Jumping is my favourite thing
The sport I love the best
I’ll jump until I’m tucked in bed
And then I’ll have a rest

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


Please dim the light and pull the shade
It was dark inside when I was made
Keep it quiet and peaceful too
My tender ears are still brand new

It’s been about nine months
So I think I will take a little peek
If I don’t like what’s out there
I ‘m going back in to sleep

Hey, who are all those people?
And why are the lights so bright
I don’t know if it’s daytime
Or the middle of the night

I hear lots of traffic noise
And people out in the street
Loud voices in my room
Makes it hard for me to sleep

I see a crowd of people
With cameras pointing my way
They’re ready to shoot at first sight
So in here is where I’ll stay

But wait now, what’s that smell
Could it be a breakfast treat?
Maybe I am ready to come out now
For something good to eat

Be patient just a little bit more
Until I find the exit door
Ready or not I’m on my way
Hello New World, I’m here today!

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


We’ll stay afloat in our little white boat
In the “Elsa Kayley” we’ll be
Rowing together, sitting side by side
Heading down the lake on our boat ride

The sun is shining from over the hill
The lake is calm, the trees are still
Winter memories are fading fast
Snowy days are a thing of the past

With lunch all packed and life jackets on
We push off from shore and then we’re gone
The only sounds that we can hear
Is the ripple of water in the lake so clear

Along the shore, the animals play
Enjoying the sun on this beautiful day
A bird is singing up in the tree
A spring time greeting to you and me

We will have our lunch in amongst the trees
And relax together in the warm spring breeze
It’s getting late and time to go
Back in our boat and begin to row

On the shore our mom and dad wait
Just making sure that we’re not late
Together more plans we will have to make
For another adventure on our favourite Lake

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


They sing about the mountains
They sing about the sea
They sing about our world
And how it should be
The band is telling everyone
To keep our planet green
Conserving and recycling
So it’s the best it’s ever been

Way up in the mountains
A musical group lives there
They play their Mountain Music
In the clean alpine air

A moose plays the mandolin
The guitar player is a Deer
They play their mountain music
For everyone to hear

A cougar plays the fiddle
Under the pale moon light
A Black Bear’s Bass Guitar
Echoes into the night

People of the world
Protect this precious land
Live in harmony with the earth
Like music in a band

Listen carefully on a moon lit night
And on a summer breeze
You may hear the enchanting sounds
Of the Mountain Melodies

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik


You’re a Good Old Cookie Jar
My best friend, yes you are
You always have my special treat
Every time that we meet

You’re never angry or mad
You make me happy if I’m sad
When I reach inside of you
And pull out a cookie or two

I’m playing in my yard
Having lots of fun
Then I think about the cookie jar
And towards the house I run

I see the jar in the kitchen
Up on the shelf it’s there
It’s up too high for me to reach
So I’ll have to get a chair

I take a look around
And hope that moms not near
When I reach into the cookie jar
I don’t want her to hear

I grab a few big cookies
And fill my pockets and face
Put the jar back carefully
Then out the door I race

Words & Music by Steve D.W. Romanik

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